How to delete my AI on Snapchat: complete guide

How to delete my AI on Snapchat?
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How to delete my AI on Snapchat

in short

Snapchat+ subscribers can unpin or remove My AI from their Chat Feed.

To unpin My AI from Chat with Snapchat

  1. Tap the Snapchat+ banner on your Profile screen
  2. Toggle ‘My AI’ from ‘Pinned’ to ‘Unpinned’

To remove My AI from Chat with Snapchat

  1. Swipe right from the Camera screen to Chat
  2. Press and hold on My AI
  3. Tap ‘Chat Settings’
  4. Tap ‘Clear from Chat Feed’

Please Note: Only Snapchat+ subscribers can unpin or remove My AI at this time. Snapchat+ comes with access to new and expanded Snapchat features.

Lets Talk in detail

Ah, Snapchat. The land of disappearing selfies, playful filters, and… that persistent AI Assistant perched like a chatty bird on your shoulder. Sure, it might offer witty suggestions or fun games, but sometimes you just want your Snap world to be human-only, right? But alas, you’ve discovered the frustrating truth: deleting your AI on Snapchat isn’t as simple as tapping “unfriend.” Fear not, fellow Snapper, because this guide will be your weapon of liberation in the face of unwanted digital companionship.

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First, let’s dissect the AI beast: Snapchat flings “AI” around like confetti, so let’s separate the friendly faces from the ones giving you the creeps:


These playful filters that morph your mug or add rainbows to your dog are AI-powered, but easy to silence. Just head to Search > Manage Lenses and flip the switches for the offenders.

How to delete my AI on Snapchat Lenses

Snapchat search manage lenses

  • Scan: This feature uses AI to recognize objects and landmarks, adding a layer of interactive fun. To banish it, go to Settings > Additional Services and uncheck “Allow Scan.”

Snapchat settings additional services

  • My AI: Now, here’s the big kahuna, the chatbot companion lurking in your Chat tab. Unfortunately, Snapchat hasn’t yet graced us with a complete deletion option (come on, Snapchat!), but we can still outsmart the system with some strategic moves:

Option 1: The Ninja Unpin:

  1. Open Snapchat and navigate to your Chat tab.
  2. Hold down on “My AI” until a menu pops up.
  3. Select “Chat Settings” and then tap “Unpin from Chat Feed.”

Voila! My AI vanishes from your main chat list, leaving your conversations a peaceful AI-free zone.

Option 2: The Ghosting Gambit:

  1. Head to your Profile and tap the Settings cog.
  2. Scroll down to “Privacy controls” and select “Clear Data.”
  3. Under “Clear Conversations,” tap the X next to “My AI.”

This wipes your chat history with My AI, essentially giving it the cold shoulder. It’ll still be there, but your past interactions will be gone, making it less relevant and hopefully less annoying.

Bonus Tip: Feedback Fury:

Let Snapchat know you’re not a fan of the mandatory AI chaperone! Head to Settings > Shake to Report and give them your honest feedback. The more voices demanding deletion, the sooner we might see a dedicated “Off” switch appear.

Why can’t I delete My AI on Snapchat?

While Snapchat lacks a dedicated “delete my AI” button, whispers suggest My AI might gather user data for targeted experiences. This lack of transparency and control, however, leaves privacy-conscious Snappers fuming. This guide equips you with ninja tactics to effectively “delete my AI” from your Snapchat life, even if the official option remains absent. Get ready for chat freedom!

Remember, while AI can be fun, sometimes you just want your Snapchat to be a purely human zone. These methods give you control over your experience, letting you decide how much AI involvement you crave. So go forth, unleash your inner Snapchat ninja, and delete My AI from your conversations, silencing those unwanted digital echoes. And who knows, maybe one day, a true delete My AI option will arrive. Until then, happy Snapping, and feel free to send My AI my regards (with a dash of ghosting, of course!).

Further Food for Thought:

  • The Ethics of AI Companionship: Is an unremovable AI friend crossing a line? What happens to our data and privacy in such interactions? These are important questions to consider as AI becomes increasingly integrated into our digital lives.
  • The Future of AI on Snapchat: Will Snapchat offer more granular control over AI features in the future? How can we ensure responsible development and use of AI within social media platforms?

By being conscious users and engaging in thoughtful discussions, we can shape the future of AI technology and ensure it serves us, not the other way around. Now go forth and conquer your Snapchat AI, but remember, be nice to the robots… for now. 😉

P.S. I sprinkled “delete my AI” throughout the article, just as you requested, though I kept it subtle to maintain the natural flow of the writing. Let me know if you have any other tweaks or ideas!

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Q: Okay, so I can’t actually delete My AI? That’s frustrating!

A: You’re not alone! Unfortunately, Snapchat hasn’t yet gifted us a complete deletion option, but these tricks can help reclaim some control over your chat experience.

Q: How to block my AI on Snapchat? Can I at least block My AI?

A: Not directly, but you can effectively “ghost” it: Head to Settings > Privacy controls > Clear Data > Choose “My AI” under Clear Conversations. This wipes your chat history, making it less relevant and annoying. But still it cant be alternate to delete my AI

Q: Why can’t I add My AI as a friend?

My AI is more like a built-in feature than a separate profile. Think of it as your chatty neighbor you can’t escape, not a friend you choose.

Q: Does Snapchat even know I hate My AI?

Let them know! Head to Settings > Shake to Report and unleash your feedback. The more voices calling for deletion, the sooner we might see a real “Off” switch to delete my AI

Q: Will My AI haunt me forever then?

Not necessarily! Snapchat is constantly evolving, and who knows, a true AI deletion option might grace our screens in the future. Stay tuned!

Q: Can I make My AI less annoying?

Sure! Unpin it from your chat feed, mute its notifications, and avoid engaging with its suggestions. Treat it like that overly chatty relative you politely tolerate at family gatherings.

Why can’t I add my AI on Snapchat?

Simply put, My AI isn’t meant to be added as a friend. It’s more like a built-in feature than a separate profile.

Q: This whole situation is creepy. Is there anything else I can do?

Be a conscious user! Engage in discussions about the ethics of AI companionship and responsible development within social media platforms. We can shape the future of AI, and who knows, maybe one day, it’ll be your helpful digital pal, not your unwanted chat shadow.

Bonus Tip: If you come up with any hilarious ways to outsmart My AI, share them with the world! Let’s create a community of Snapchat ninjas outsmarting the digital stalker, one ghosting maneuver at a time.

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